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TAN Jia Yu, Jay
Team TPOD / Architect

I often find myself lost in the musings of conjured scenes during my daily commute
when I was younger, as if an imaginary theatre was playing within the frame of the bus window.
Despite having zero to little exposure to the arts, Architecture has appealed to the dramaturge in me and fortified my aspiration to orchestrate the whole gamut of characters, stories, culture within buildings, or “worlds”, as John Hejduk famously puts it.

In my limited ventures to different cities, I was lucky to be exposed to numerous timeless architecture that continue to stir the spirit and vitality of its inhabitants. Architecture can be a gift left for future generation which inspires life and hence the discipline represents to me not just a vehicle for contemporary reality and convention, but a catalyst for fundamental human delight and wonder. I look forward to contributing to the next big dream of TPOD.

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He started his career at Formwerkz Architects, an architectural design practice, after accomplishing Master of Architecture from National University of Singapore. In Formwerkz Architects, he participated in various international projects which include Private Bungalows Houses in Singapore, Sales Galleries and Condominiums in China. He later transitioned to Plus Collaboratives, a Multi-Disciplinary Design Studio where he participated in a plethora of design projects which include Public Art Sculpture, Graphic Design, and an Urban Rejuvenation event for Singapore Design Week.

Business experience: 3 years (as of Jan 2023)

2016: Bachelor of Architecture, National University of Singapore
2019: Master of Architecture, National University of Singapore
2019: Joined Formwerkz Architects
2022: Joined Plus Collaboratives Limited Liability Partnership
2017: Designing Resilience in Asia – Honourable Mention
2017: Japan Architect Urban Competition – Honourable mention proposal [Tailouring Journeys] exhibited in SHINKENCHIKU & a+u magazine
2018: Tsinghua University Sharing Cities – Undergraduate Project [Augment] exhibited in Beijing, China
2018: Matsuyama Design Week – Propossal [Matsuyama Bloom] exhibited in Matsuyama, Japan
2019: City Ex Exhibition – Graduate Thesis [Wonder|Wander] exhibited in URA, Singapore
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