Architect & Artist


Team TPOD / Senior Architect
Professional Qualification First-class architect in Japan, No. 316003

Looking back the starting point of doing architecture, it was a newly built house of my family.
I was a curious child and followed the carpenter all day from excavation, foundation and completion of framework to interior finishing. Firstly a plasterer was my dream job, then a carpenter and finally I decided to take a path of being an architect.

Many years have passed since then, but the process of creating forms has been still exciting moment for me. I will do my best to design “even more pleasant space” from Kyoto to the world. My hobby is playing golf, mountaineering, DIY and collecting stones.

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Born in Miyazaki, Japan, he accomplished the Bachelor of Architecture from Kagoshima University and joined architectural design firms, Akamatsu Sugano Kenchiku Jimusho and Kato Sekkei, where he achieved the professional experience through various projects over 20 years and established his own practice, K Planning in 2010. He is highly proficient at design control with promised practical skills at planning and construction phase.

Business experience: 30 years (as of Sept 2020)

2010: Established K Planning
2000: Joined Kato Sekkei (Architectural Design Practice)
1990: Joined Akamatsu Sugano Kenchiku Jimusho (Architectural Design Practice)
1990: Bachelor of Architecture, Kagoshima University, Japan
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