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Team TPOD / Interior Designer
Professional Qualification Registered Architect in Italy, No. 17330

Since I was a young high school student, I deeply loved fine arts. Then I realized that the design and the architecture were a way for me to bring my inspirations to reality and, for that reason, I decided to start my career as Architect. During my working experience, I have got the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of western-style Architecture, and after I moved to Japan, I discovered a new and fascinating world. I have immediately realized that, despite the many differences, when we speak about design, these two worlds can also have interesting points of connection. Starting from this concept, I look forward to bringing my experience to TPOD. By collaborating with Architects from different cultures, I will do all my best to connect both worlds.

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After she graduated from Polytechnic of Milan (Master of Architecture), she started her career at an architectural design firm, Interior Design Studio Angelucci Architects, where she started to develop her professional skills. During this period, 6 years, she contributed to the realization of various projects (luxury villas, resorts). In the following 7 years, she continued her career by cooperating with other design firms in Milan and she expanded her experience by joining various projects (villas and luxury apartments) which were realized also abroad (Dubai). Finally, she contributed to the realization of several Valentino`s shop as freelance Architect.

Business experience: 13 years (as of August 2021)

2016 - 2021: Designed interior for more than 20 Valentino’s shops of all over the world
2016: Joined as freelancer Riccardo Frontini Technical Solution 
2014: Joined Interior Design Celeste Dell’Anna
2013: Joined Interior Design Architects Belloni & Partners
2007: Joined Interior Design Studio Angelucci Architects
2007: Master of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy
2004: Bachelor of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy
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