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LIM Yu Heng
Team TPOD / Architect

As an architectural designer, I love thriving on the intersection of creativity and functionality. Beyond being a designer, I enjoy exploring and photographing different parts of the world as well as learning from the local culture and their built environments. Through my travels, each city leaves an indelible mark within me, igniting a desire to understand how architecture shapes societies, influences behavior, and reflects our shared history.

During my student days, I often wandered through different streets and studied contemporary architecture works. These experiences fueled my curiosity, leading me to realize that I wanted to be more than an observer but to take part in the process. I see the potential for architecture as a bridge between people, culture and history. The ability to craft spaces that resonate with the human subconsciousness, weaving stories into every line and curve.

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He started his career at Tezuka Architects, an architectural design practice, after accomplishing Master of Architecture from National University of Singapore. In Tezuka Architects, he participated in various international and local projects which include a restaurant + campsite in Nagoya, high rise mixed used office tower in China, as well as various competition projects. After working at Tezuka Architects, he transited to being an architectural photographer as well as an interior designer for 2 years in Singapore. During that time, he photographed various projects from interiors to high rise towers.

Business experience: 3 years (as of Apr 2024)

2024: Joined TPOD
2019: Joined Tezuka Architects
2019: Master of Architecture, National University of Singapore
2018: Bachelor of Architecture, National University of Singapore
2023 Architizer Vision Awards Photography category: Professional Winner
2021 Architizer One photo challenge: Finalist
2020 Young Architects Competition Hyperloop Competition: Third Prize
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