Architect & Artist

Creative Collaborator

AIZAWA Saeko / AWAI design, Principal
Creative Collaborator / Landscape Architect
Creative Collaborator
Professional Qualification First-class architect in Japan, No. 348082

I believe that things which we find breathtaking and impressive in daily life are to be the source of zest for life and that designing is to express them as something in shape and to return the works to nature so as to be remained in people’s mind.
Up until now, I have been mainly working on designing gardens and landscapes with crossing architectural and art areas as well as facing materials from various places and lives of people.

Through operations of TPOD, I’d like to be more sensitive to diverse and unique harmony of people, things, and environment and to create happiness for people’s life with everyone.

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Business experience: 15 years (as of May 2021)

2020:Started to operate as “shok・shok”
2019:Became a design partner of ADDReC Co. Ltd
2019:Established AWAI design
2012:Joined Sald Pte. Ltd(Salad Dressing Singapore)
2006:Joined UG Toshi-Kenchiku Co. Ltd
2006:Master of Home Economics (Housing Studies), Japan Women’s University Graduate School
2004:Bachelor of Home Economics (Housing Studies), Japan Women’s University
2020:Good Design Award 
2018:Singapore Garden Festival Silver Prize
2017:BCI Award, Southeast Asia Interior Design Excellence Award
2017:LIAS Award, Singapore Institute of Architects Excellence Award
2014:Nagasaki Gardening World Cup Silver Prize
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