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TONOI Tamaki / Tonoi Architecture Office, Principal
Creative Collaborator / Architect
Creative Collaborator
Professional Qualification First-class architect in Japan, No. 377433
Member of Organizations Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ)

When I enjoy pleasant comfort of architecture, it would always inspire my imagination to the outside world through the experience of space, such as natural environment and climates, local culture and its community. I hope to touch the new world by collaborating with TPOD.

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His architecture delivers people the comfortable satisfaction persuaded by the use of natural resource. After accomplishing Master of Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School, he joined Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop where he had absorbed the design theory of Riken Yamamoto. In 2012 he co-founded Tonoi Architecture Office with Nao Ashida and their practice achieved many renowned awards for young architects. He is also an enthusiastic educator.

Business experience: 14 years (as of Sept 2020)

2020: Lecturer, Kyoto University of the Arts
2012: Established Tonoi Architecture Office
2006: Joined Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop Co. Ltd.
2006: Master of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School
2004: Bachelor of Architecture, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2019: Local Republic Award Special Jury Award
2018: Good Design Award (Japan Institute of Design Promotion)

2017: Architectural Institute of Japan Selected Architectural Designs Rookie of the Year Award
2017: Architectural Institute of Japan Kinki branch Rookie of the Year Award

2014: Aichi Society of Architects & Building Engineers Nagoya kita Branch Honorable mention Award
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