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What TPOD is

At any age, at any culture in the world history,
design has been always beside us and a powerful communication tool which reflects one’s heart and transforms its shape.

It is not an exceptional for us, living in this present-day.
We naturally choose a design at every scene of life and those choices create time and life for every one of us.

TPOD is a team with true enthusiasm who believes the power of design, connecting various ways of values beyond a country, nationality, culture, age and gender.
TPOD stands for the Power of Design.

TPOD’ s Challenge

What truly touches one’s heart -

For example,
Morning run in the city filled with the freshest air
Private dinner at best friend’s house with heart-warming hospitality

It is probably difficult to deny that those moments create the purest pleasure and satisfaction for our heart.
Would it be possible to create such feelings by the Power of Design?

TPOD was established to create those moments for each of us in order to advocate discomfort
towards the current situation of the design industry,
kept consumed massively under the deep belief of speed and efficiency.

Design PhilosophyDesign Philosophy

How We Work

Even when you wish to realize your imagination and achieve a better design,
it might be unclear for most of people to perceive the next steps to follow.

Firstly at TPOD, we would like to discuss your request with respect for your idea.
After picturing an ideal image and concerns, we will establish a goal shared among all the involved parties.

We are delighted to have an open dialogue with you anytime and create a solution together.

How We ProceedHow We Proceed

What We Do

We carefully hear your needs, build up an excellent team for your project and propose a total coordination of lifestyle based on the brand-new value as the next world standard.

Regardless of project scale, it is not a simple thing for a customer to proceed a project, required a selection and decision all the time. TPOD will reduce such concern by offering one-stop service and coordinating an unique design team to following projects;

Urban Planning / Architectural Design / Interior Design
Landscape /Furnishing /Product Design / Art / and more

How We ProceedHow We Proceed

Who are in TPOD

The most unique feature of TPOD is our attractive members.
They are all experts of architects and artists from around the world, having different backgrounds and experienced internationally.

Our shared belief is that a design bringing happiness will be only born by understanding the deep context of connections among people, living with nature and respecting cultural diversity with love.

This is why it enables TPOD to propose a design, integrating sustainable and diverse values as well as applying technical knowledge. We make sure every design progress closely until our design goal is achieved.

Architects & ArtistsArchitects & Artists

TPOD Works

For us, the architectural environments, various products, and branding designs that we deliver through various projects are not just our original products or something that we create.

When we work for a client, we always have a talk with the client to understand what kind of thoughts, ideas, ideals and futures that he/she has in his/her mind. The important thing for us is weather we can embody the client’s thoughts and ideas in our deliverables, by means of design. Because our products, design, and creation always originate from clients’ themselves.

Our understanding is that we can say that we had managed to deliver a good design only when the created design was accepted by people, integrated with the society, and the joy is shared with everybody else.

With that in our mind, we will keep working diligently on each and every project.