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Creative Collaborator

Creative Collaborator / Audio-Visual Artist
Creative Collaborator
Professional Qualification Ableton Certified Trainer
Member of Organizations NAQUYO Project

I have been fascinated with new discoveries that I make whenever taking the charms out of an element and applying them into another element, such as converting the overlap of dynamics and harmony of music into a video, and light and human movement into sound.

I also feel the possibilities of expressions where multiple elements such as the rhythm existing in architecture and the structural beauty existing in music intersect.

I’d like to enjoy new experiences that can be gained through activities of expanding various lifestyle-related elements by using technology with other members.

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He is an audio-visual artist as well as an Ableton certified trainer who used to live in Berlin for three years and currently is based in Kyoto, Japan. As an artist, he creates live performances, dance pieces and installation artworks composed with dynamic images, sharp music sound, and the movement of human body using his programming skills and sensor data. He received the Tel Aviv-Yafo/Yokohama Prize in Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2014. He has been aspiringly expanding the scope of business such as releasing an album and a single and joining various events and art festivals for performance as a freelance artist.

Business Experience: 8 years (as of May 2021)

2022:Performed in Alternative Kyoto 2022
2020:Performed in MUTEK Montreal 2020 Hybrid Edition
2020:Made activities as a freelancer based in Kyoto
2019:Invited to the event collaborated by MUTEK.JP and 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival
2018:Released his single “Dice from the Window” from the label,
2017:Released his first full-length album “Consistency Test” from Hz-records.
2014:Performed in Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2014.
2014:Joined One to Ten Inc.
2010 - 2013:Made activities as an artist in Berlin
2014:Tel Aviv-Yafo/Yokohama Prize of Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2014 (Dance piece, "Figure")
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