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HIRAMOTO Shunichi / Eriko
Team TPOD / Finance and Accounting Manager

We operate the restaurant four days a week and use our free time to do parallel works.
The back-office operations we are in charge of are the foundation of the company. We believe that the development of back-office functions leads to the growth of the company. We would like to contribute to the development of TPOD by challenging ourselves to grow as well as doing our best with our past experiences and knowledges.

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Both worked in the accounting department of a beverage company for over 20 years. In 2016, they left the company to realize their desire to reform their own work style and contribute to the local community and culture. And the following year, they opened a restaurant “Asagohan FUKU” specializing in breakfast at a local shopping street in Kyoto. They operate the restaurant only four days a week and use their free time to do parallel works such as finance and accounting in TPOD, management consulting for a food company, director of the local shopping street association to which our restaurant belongs, member of the regional activation conference by local government, and volunteer activities in the community.

Business experience: 20 years (as of Jan 2020)

2017: Opened the breakfast restaurant “Asagohan FUKU”
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