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Nicola SCHWARTZ / Pocko, Founder
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Creative Collaborator

My earliest professional experiences as a photographer were intense creative collaborations and influences which helped to shape my passion for teamwork. My early mentor and friend, Vaughan Oliver from Design group V23, played a major role in influencing myself as their shared passion in art, photography, design and music came to fruition in the form of album covers for The Pixies and with Italian fashion house Aspesi to name a few.

It was during my master's degree at the Royal College of Art that I encountered the writer, lecturer and artist, Helen Chadwick who helped to shape my ideas and interest in photography of the darker sides of science and medicine.

Further fashion influences came through collaborations with Alexander McQueen who chose to work with myself because of my macro style which was in sync with McQueens infamous Highland Rape show and our collaboration continued through the years.

A love of art books and respect for the work of contemporaries drove me to start an independent art publishing company that later merged with the bringing together of creative talents with brands, producing campaigns and curating exhibitions.

The joy of creativity and collaboration continues today with a further step taken towards companies and causes that create social change for the betterment of the world. With Pocko Social, based in Berlin, I am using all of my resources and connections to work on projects that make a bigger impact on helping in building a better society for the future.

I am very honoured to be part of the TPOD’s network as I share the passion for culture and design applied to space and architecture.

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He is a creative Director and Curator, founder of international creative agency Pocko which has its HQ in London and satellite bases in Tokyo, Berlin and Milan. After achieving Master degree from the Royal College of Art in London, his work was mainly in the field of Photography and video installation with a focus on the body and social aspects of it. In year 2000 he founded Pocko. His role at Pocko in bringing creative talents together with innovative brands ranging from Apple, Logitek, Disney, Versace, Armani and Comme des Garcon producing innovative campaigns, exhibitions and special events in commercial spaces. He has published more then 50 art books, co-directed a series of animated films and curated a series of art exhibitions in London, Tokyo and Milan. He believes firmly that creativity has an important role to improve social problems and promoting positive changes in our society.

Business experience: 23 years (as of Sept 2020)

2019: Founded Pocko Social
2018: Founded Pocko Japan
2017: Founded Pocko Berlin
2008: Founded Pocko Gallery
2007: Founded Pocko Italy
2001: Founded Pocko Editions
2000: Founded Pocko
1996: Master in Fine Art Photography, Royal College of Art, London
1995: Started collaboration with Alexander McQueen
1994: Bachelor in Media Arts, Richmond College, London
1994: Started collaboration with 4AD records and Vaughan Oliver of V23
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