Philosophy & Procedure

Design Philosophy

Our mission is to deliver the design that genuinely touches one’s heart and stays in memory.

The uncertainty, prevailing in the design industry, persuades people to buy things. Such overconsumption of design notions today emerges as obsolescence quickly.
However, is this the design we truly desire?
This is the honest voice from members of TPOD who have been leading the commercial design today.

The power of design to stimulate us and stay at heart

It might not be a thing/ space itself, but it is a fruit of elegance achieved by cultivated intelligence and effective communication over the years.
Pragmatically, the design is perceived distinctively, based on very individual way of thinking.
We believe that the good design has such aspects and always come from sincere attitudes towards each other.

TPOD will take every step to create design, carefully yet substantially.

Under the Pandemic, we all have started to realize our collapsing social system and to investigate lifestyle based on the brand-new value as the next world standard.
TPOD is conscious of creating delightful and sustainable design for our life with our following mindset;

  • Considering the genuine value and beauty beyond race, gender, age, culture and religion
  • Respecting nature, seen ourselves as part of it
  • Bringing pleasure to oneself as well as neighbors
  • Valuing the design, motivating you to share hearts with your loved ones

How We Proceed

  • I would like current projects to maximize the return within budget.
  • I have no idea how to realize my idea.
  • I know some designers but I want the best team.
  • Project kicked off, budget secured and design proposed. But I am still not sure the project is promising.
  • I have a blur image of design but need an appealing feature.
  • Before starting a new project, I need to catch the changing of the times correctly.

We will share a clear design process carefully with you
in order to avoid such concerns above.

First Step

You and TPOD will work together and share the following;

  • What and what kind of lifestyle
    you truly want to create
  • What kind of design and with who
    you are comfortable

By considering above carefully with you,
your expectation will be certain and realistic for us
to share with all the parties involved.

Second Step

Sharing your idea,
TPOD will make following steps;

  • Proposing a concept
  • Selecting members and building a design team

All the experts with diverse background will enable to
value your project the most.

Third Step

We will start to design together!

  • TPOD will make sure every step carefully
    from design proposals to design controls at contruction phase.
  • TPOD will deliberately watch quality, scheduling
    and cost of the project.

Corporate Information

Name of Company
the Power of Design Co. Ltd.
TOBA Soichiro
Kyoto. H.Q.
#302 Gokomachi B.L.D.G.
553 Bishamon-cho,
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-0981 Japan
T: +81 (0)75 252 1225
11 June 2020
Main Financing Banks
MUFG Bank, Ltd., Kyoto Branch
Kyoto Shinkin Bank, Nishijin Branch
Bank of Kyoto, Ltd, Nishijin Branch
Name of Company
the Power of Design Pte. Ltd.
TOBA Soichiro
Singapore H.Q.
1 Commonwealth Lane, #06-16
One Commonwealth, Singapore 149544
13 August 2019
Main Financing Banks
United Overseas Bank Limited
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