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KITO Ami / amikito.sketch, principal
Creative Collaborator / Graphic Designer, Translator
Creative Collaborator
Professional Qualification First-class architect in Japan, No. 372825

I learned architecture in the environment, surrounded by professors and friends from different culture and background, which broaden my world of imagination and eventually made myself very into exploring architecture and history of art. Hence, I am an architect but simultaneously I have strong interest towards colours, art, imagination and narrative which cannot be separated from thinking architectural space.

I love one of the philosophies of TPOD, going beyond the border of nations and culture through design. I am looking forward to try discovering delight in architecture. I am always inspired by Lina Bo Vardi’s architecture, Henri Matisse’s colours, Mother and Grandmother.

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Born in Tokyo, she was selected to an exchange student to a boarding school in UK where she had largely opened her eyes to the world. After completing Master of Architecture from University College London, she started her career at Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei, one of the leading architectural firms in Japan. Her most high-lightened project is a complex development in Jakarta and she enjoyed the cultural design diversity among countries as well as achieving professional experiences. Now as amikito.sketch, she runs some projects as an illustrator, graphic artist and translator to explore her way of architectural design.

Business Experience: 7 years (as of Sept 2020)

2019: Adjunct lecturer, Kyoto Arts and Crafts University
2018: Established amikito. sketch 
2013: Joined Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Ltd. (2 years at domestic projects and 2 years at oversea projects)
2012: Master of Architecture, University College London, Bartlett School of Architecture, London
2011: Internship at Open Architecture, Beijing
2010: Bachelor of Architecture, Waseda University, Tokyo
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