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Creative Collaborator / Architect
Creative Collaborator
Professional Qualification First-class architect in Japan, No. 331980
Member of Organizations Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ)
The Japan Institute of Architects (JIA)

Making liquid ink, facing to paper and doing Japanese calligraphy, I do the mental concentration. I control my breathing and face to calligraphy in order to get a picture of a precious moment by looking the condition of paper and the balance between a brush and liquid ink. This way of mental conditioning has the same quality when I face to Architecture.

Architecture is to understand the local history and climate for creating the distinctive space, existing only for a location.

It is an essential manner for myself to create space after absorbing light, shadow, wind and sunlight shining through the leaves of trees on the site. Joining TPOD, I am looking forward to design the space touching people’s heart.

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He graduated from Ritsumeikan University Graduate School in Kyoto where his approach to architectural space was developed. He started his career at Yamashita Sekkei, one of the leading architectural firm in Japan, and experienced various projects over 15 years. In 2016 he established FULL POWER STUDIO and now lead the company as a Principal. His major achievement are Building for Aichi Dental Association and Shiseido Kakegawa Factory.

Business experience: 19 years (as of Sept 2020)

2018: Established FULL POWER STUDIO Co. Ltd, Principal
2016: Established FULL POWER STUDIO, Principal
2000: Joined Yamashita Sekkei
2000: Master of Environmental Engineering, Ritsumeikan University Graduate School, Kyoto, Japan
Building for Aichi Dental Association
2013: AIJ Tokai Prize
2013: Suzuki Teiji Awards
2015: AIJ Young Architect Award for Selected Architectural Designs
2014: IES Illumination Awards
2013: JIA architects of the year
2015: Aichi Association of architectural firms Awards
2015: Japan Association of Architectural Firms Awards

Shiseido Kakegawa Factory, LOADING BAY
2020: IES Illumination Award

2018: Good lighting Award
2018: SDA Award
2018: SDA Award Bronze Prize
2016: BELCA Awards
2016: JIA architects of the year
2016: Machinami Architecture Award of Aichi Prefecture
2015: Japan Construction Engineers' Association Award
2015: AIJ Selected Architectural Designs
2015: Chubu Architecture Award
2015: SDA Award
2015: Machinami Architecture Award of Aichi Prefecture
2014: Chubu Architecture Award
2014: Good lighting Award
2014: SDA Award
2014: Keikan Kokoku Award of Toyama Prefecture
2013: Good lighting Award
2010: Kids Design Award
2009: Japan Construction Engineers' Association Award
2009: AIJ Selected Architectural Designs
2009: Chubu Architecture Award
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