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Establishment of TPOD Kyoto

June 2020


A year 2020 will be remembered as a year of paradigm shift by the world.

In the structure of the global capitalism, the economy has shown the rapid growth and the life with safety, hygiene and convenience are achieved widely while the severe environmental problems, the increased wealth gap, the serious division between nations and people are even facing to the difficult situations. It is clear that many of us started to anxious about the coming future, contrary to the world’s extraordinary development in a century. It might be almost like our planet is trying to give us a chance to think about our priorities and expectations by pausing the world with Covid-19. TPOD was born in the middle of such situations.

We are conscious of re-capturing the meaning of design as a communication tool, which can shape the relationship among people, product and nature. We call that a power of design which creates the brand-new value of our lifestyle and shows a shape of pure happiness.

Facing to this difficult time, TPOD will across the border of an organization and a country, delivering the best service with our experienced team.


Principal, Team TPOD and all the Creative Collaborators

the Power of Design Co. Ltd.

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