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"Shin-Marunouchi Building" Opens

“Marunouchi House”, the 7th floor of the Shin-Marunouchi Building in front of Tokyo Station, which TPOD was involved in the planning and design of, will finally reopen after renovating on Monday, 17 April.

We were in charge of the renewal of the terrace of “Marunouchi House”.

As with the first floor, we worked hard to ensure consistency with the architectural design and the concept of “aging,” and each member of the team brought all of their experience, knowledge, and skills to the project.

The terrace is divided into three areas: the Imperial Palace side, the Marunouchi Building side, and the Tokyo Station side, each offering a different atmosphere.

The result is a wonderful space that will make you think, “Next time, I want to sit in that seat with that person.”

We hope you will stop by the newly renovated Shin-Marunouchi Building to refresh and recharge after work or between shopping trips.



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