Pavilion Proposal for EXPO 2025

Pavilion Proposal for EXPO 2025

This is a message to children who will lead the future, proposed by TPOD as a proposal for the corporate pavilion at the 2025 Osaka Expo. By turning the pavilion into a microscope to see “the shape of a heart”, we’re aiming to enable all participants from all over the world to experience “the shape of a heart”. Through the Journey around the pavilion, participants will experience the relationship between you and others as well as you and nature that cannot be seen in their everyday lives. We hope that young children will acknowledge and respect other people to cooperate with each other by having a journey with other participants from different generations and with different races. And yet, we also hope that children will discover what “the shape of a heart” is really like as well as strength and essence of themselves.


Main Use : Pavilion
Location : Osaka, Japan
Total Floor Area : 6,500㎡
Planning Year : April, 2022

Master Architect:TOBA Soichiro

Creative Collaborators:
KODAI Yuichi [ Architecture Design / PLACECRAFT TEN ]
INOUE Shusuke [ Architecture Design / PLACECRAFT TEN ]
AIZAWA Saeko [ Landscape Design / AWAI design ]

Special Collaborator:
KINOSHITA Hikaru [ Strategic Planning / Professor at Kansai Univ. ]
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