Shin-Marunouchi Building Renewal - Terrace area of "Marunouchi House", 7th Floor

Shin-Marunouchi Building Renewal - Terrace area of "Marunouchi House", 7th Floor

To be consistent with Sir Michael Hopkins’ conceptual design, we adopted “Aging” as the design theme. In addition to using as many natural materials as possible, we initiatively used recycled materials as well. The reason of using those materials is to give value to the passage of time and update the building to be fit in the modern age.

The terrace is divided into three areas such as Imperial Palace side, Marunouchi Building side, and Tokyo Station side. Imperial Palace side: We have installed a bar counter wall with Jomon pattern arranged contemporarily to show our respect to the history that has continued since time immemorial. Marunouchi Building side: It is characterized by a combination of a lush green area with irregular soft shapes and an intimate conversation area surrounded by light objects. Tokyo Station side: This area represents Marunouchi, which has led Japan's industry since the Meiji era. A dynamic environment which is full of vitality has been successfully created.


Main Use : Commercial Facility
Location : 7th Floor “Marunouchi House” Terrace, Shin-Marunouchi Bldg., Tokyo, Japan
Target Area:approx. 1,300㎡
Completion : April, 2023

Concept Design/Design supervision: TPOD
Design Supervision: Mitsubishi Jisho Design Inc.

Master Architect:TOBA Soichiro
Design Architect:BERGANTIN Selena
Project Manager:MIZUMOTO Azusa
Technical Coordinator:KOHATA Manabu

TPOD Collaborators:
KODAI Yuichi [ Architecture Design / PLACECRAFT TEN ]
INOUE Shusuke [ Architecture Design / PLACECRAFT TEN ]
ASHIDA Nao [ Architecture Design / TONOI ARCHITECTS OFFICE ]
AIZAWA Saeko [ Landscape Design / AWAI design ]
OBAYASHI Marie [ Landscape Design / Obayashi Landscape ]
FUJII Shigeki [ Lighting Design / Nipek ]
YASHIMA Toshiaki [ Signage Design / Yashima Design Office ]
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