Shin-Marunouchi Building Renewal – Terrace area, Naka-dori Street

Shin-Marunouchi Building Renewal – Terrace area, Naka-dori Street

When completed in April 2007, the Shin-Marunouchi Building was designed by Lord Hopkins with the theme of ageing as a symbol of Marunouchi that would continue to grow in appeal with the times. In 2022, the Shin-Marunouchi Building is still sending a powerful message as a symbol of Japan's business district, Marunouchi.
For the 15th anniversary renewal of the Shin-Maru building, TPOD was in charge of planning the terrace area on the ground and 7th floor.
The goal of the renewal was to make the premium brand message of the Shin-Maru building clearer and simpler, and get it adapted to the demands of the times as as well as fitted with the sensibilities of visitors more precisely. The bright, intelligent, green and welcoming external space will once again be revitalized as a favorite destination for fashion-conscious Marunouchi workers.


Main Use : Commercial Facility
Location : Tokyo, Japan
Target Area:approx. 500㎡
Completion : October, 2022

Master Architect:TOBA Soichiro

TPOD Collaborators:
KODAI Yuichi [ Architecture Design / PLACECRAFT TEN ]
INOUE Shusuke [ Architecture Design / PLACECRAFT TEN ]
ASHIDA Nao [ Architecture Design / TONOI ARCHITECTS OFFICE ]
AIZAWA Saeko [ Landscape Design / AWAI design ]
OBAYASHI Marie [ Landscape Design / Obayashi Landscape ]
FUJII Shigeki [ Lighting Design / Nipek ]
YASHIMA Toshiaki [ Signage Design / Yashima Design Office ]
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