Setsu Niseko

Setsu Niseko

Setsu Niseko is the first luxury resort hotel of SC Global Developments Pte Ltd in Japan.

The hotel building was designed by Mok Wei Wei, W Architects and the lobby was designed by TPOD. I was the over-all producer and Mr. Furuhata, FULL POWER STUDIO and I were both in charge of the concept design. Interior design by Mr. Ikebuchi, Atelier Ikebuchi, lighting design by Mr. Fujii, Nipek, and art curation by Mr. Schwartz, POCKO. And even more craftsmen devoted their good skills and experiences to the project. This is actually the first project that we had worked on and completed as a team TPOD.

We radically kept re-questioning ourselves; what guests visiting Niseko seek for during the stay? What is the true style of Japan? What is attractiveness of Niseko? What is hospitality like and what is authentic experience of traveling...? The answers which we reached have been expressed in the lobby space unsparingly.

We asked Mr. Nawa Kohei and Mr. Sugihara Nobuyuki to create an artwork for the lobby. We’re so proud to have created such a unique space where their elegant and powerful artworks fit very well with Mr. Ikebuchi's interior design.


Main Use:Hotel
Client:SC Global Developments Pte Ltd [ Singapore ]
Location:Niseko, Hokkaido, JAPAN
Completion:July, 2022

Producer:TOBA Soichiro

TPOD Associate:
IKEBUCHI Koichiro [ Interior Design / atelier ikebuchi ]

TPOD Collaborators:
FUJII Shigeki [ Lighting Design / Nipek ]
FURUHATA Noriyuki [ Concept Design / FULL POWER STUDIO ]
Nicola SCHWARTZ [ Art Curation / POCKO ]
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