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YASHIMA Toshiaki / Yashima Design Office Inc., Principal
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Creative Collaborator

Established Yashima Design Office in 2009, I, as Toshiaki Yashima, graduated from a state high school in Hawaii and later studied law at Hosei University. Before deciding to become a designer at age of 30, I had a diverse range of work experiences such as travel tour conductor, waiter, bartender, hotel receptionist, construction worker, driver, and building cleaner. In my late twenties, I discovered sign/ information design and pursued the industry from there. One of the biggest triggers that interested myself in the signage industry is the bitter experiences of living abroad with language barriers. Not only designing beautiful designs, but I also hope to have an attitude like a lawyer and community doctor to help and support the clients and designers.

In the actual works, I take sincere considerations into collaborators, history of the land, geographic and surrounding environments, providing necessary information to the visitors including the foreigners who cannot understand the language. I am also aiming to create an environment where people can move and live comfortably and grow a special attachment to a specific location.

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Born in 1970, he graduated from Kaimuki High School in Hawaii. After completing the legal course in the Law Department of Hosei University in 1994, he started his career at a foreign capital-owned hotel in Japan as a front attendant. Through a range of design-related work experience, he stepped into design industry. He established K.K. YASHIMA Design Office in 2009 and achieved numbers of successful award-winning projects.

Business experience: 21 years (as of Sept 2020)

2009: Established YASHIMA Design Office, Inc.
2001: Joined Rian Ihara Design Office, Ltd.
2000: Joined ILYA Corporation
1998: Joined Bikohsha Inc.
1996: Joined Nanaroku Studio
1995: Joined Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay as front attendant
1994: Completed the legal course, Law Department, Hosei University
1989: Graduated from Kaimuki High School, Hawaii State, USA
2012: Accepted in SDA, Naha Kankikotsurominatochniri Tunnel Ventilation Tower Sign Planning
2011: Accepted in SDA, Tomobe Service Area Sign Planning
2010: Accepted in GRAND PRIZE, Shuzenji Design Idea Cont2012: Accepted in SDA, Hiroshima Train Vert Sign Planning
2010: Accepted in SDA, Mitsui Outletpark Kitahiroshima
2009: Accepted in SDA, Digital Signage Planning, Tokyo Midtown Sign Planning
2008: Accepted in SDA, Shiodome City Center Sign Renewal
2007: Accepted in SDA, Sony Head Office (Sony City) sign planning
2007: Accepted in SDA, Tokyo Midtown Sign Planning
2005: Promotion Prize, SDA, Nihonbashi 1-chome Bldg. Sign Planning, Coredo Nihonbashi
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