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Professional Qualification First-class architect in Japan, No. 354641

My favorites are…
Walking in the Osaka Castle Park
Playing with my son
Repairing broken pottery
Those are my everyday life but they always make me realize something interesting every time.

I also like talking with someone because there is always a new discovery through communication. I believe that the same is true for design.

I had been involved to several projects such as schools, hospitals, nursery schools and so on.
I feel the purest pleasure when I have a talk with owners and users, then coming up with something special for their projects. By putting a little humor and notice into architectural design, I would like to stay close to your feelings.

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After accomplishing the Master of Architecture from Kyoto Institute of Technology, she started her career at an architectural design firm, Nissoken Architects / Engineers where she had developed her professional experience and in 2020 she established Mizumoto Azusa Atelier. She believes that the success of architectural projects comes with the good communication among all the involved parties and her way of close communication brings every design project with much satisfaction.

Business experience: 13 years (as of Sept 2020)

2020: Established Mizumoto Azusa Atelier
2006: Joined Nissoken Architects / Engineers
2006: Master of Architecture, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan
2004: Bachelor of Architecture, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan
2014: Architectural Lighting Design Competition, DAIKO Prize
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